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Uk designed and manufactured caravan moving equipment-A single or twin axle device that assists in the moving of ones caravan, electronically.Tek info

Rubber stamp making equipment- With flash tube technology, you can make a large range of stamp sizes quickly, safely and efficiently. Tek info

Muscle toning equipment- This product has variable setting controls allowing users different levels of muscle stimulation from a sports mode to medical issues. Tek info

Tekpro - Packaging equipment- ACT3000, A product designed by us that produces inflated plastic bags to be used as packaging. Tek info

Tekpro - Act 6000 - Similar to the 3000 machine, but uses not a compressor but an air pump... making operation of the unit easier to use and a lot lighter to move. Tek info

Samplex - Food pellet testers- Farming electronics used in the weighing and testing of animal feed pellets, ensuring correct mix per feed. Tek info

Caralevel - Caravan leveling system- With the aid of custom sensors, motor drives are used by the microprocessors to energise the motors, thus leveling the caravan on any uneven surface. Tek info

Aromatherapy - Steam saunas, a steam unit that includes relaxing music and oils, lights and a foot spa.
Tek info

Lighting products - Emergency high frequency ballasts and combined units. Tek info

Chartstar - Large volume high level integration for the toy market.Tek info

Calamander - Motorcycle heated waistcoats. Tek info

Battle Droid Robot- Robotics Tek info

Garment Grip Tek info
Photocentric Tek info
Sound + PIR Tek info
Light Sense Tek info
Elp Tek info

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