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Technical Information


Uk designed and manufactured caravan moving equipment:
Dc Motor control for 12Volt systems.
The current passing through the PCB at max power is up to 160 Amps.
The motor drive is bi directional and is PWM controlled. Board also contains hardware and software over current protection. Note the electrical terminations are 6mm and 8 mm brass bolts in order to connect the 16mm and 10mm cable necessary .
These high currents are possible with correct PCB design, integrated with heat management and back EMF handling circuitry.
The main drive unit is controlled by a radio handset working on 433.9 Mhz with variants for export markets.

Rubber stamp making equipment:

Flash controller
This unit was designed to control and power up to 6 zeon flash tubes. The IR from the flash cures the synthetic rubber stamp with the positive produced on a standard laser printer. The power of the flash is equivalent to 168,000 watts of light for 1/10 of second dissipating 17.5 K joules of energy. The recycle time is around

Muscle toning equipment:

Packaging equipment 3k & 6k:
Produces the air filled pillows for space fill in packing boxes. The unit is using thermopile non contact temperature sensing, switch mode heater drive, pwm motor drive and serial interface between the 5 pcbs for interchange ability and ease of maintenance and upgrade

Food pellet testers:

AC motor control
Using phase control to the motor at 110v or 240v 50 or 60 Hz. Pressure is maintained on a closed loop using a peizo pressure sensor and PID control of the fan motor.
User functions are the normal start stop and test time.

Caravan leveling system:

Jack leveling system. Designed to automatically level a trailer or caravan etc. By monitoring a level sensor an moving motorized jacks on the for extreams of the trailer. The unit monitors current in the motors for ground detection and runs algariithims designed not to twist or unduly stress the trailer chassis.

Lighting Products:


A table top electronic Karaoke game designed for any age group. Product designed for manufacture in Asia. Unit quantities are expected to reach up to 3,000,000 units.
Unit consist of Pic microcontroller handling sound using pwm. Unit records and plays back from smart media. Programme code for the game is downloaded from the media card making upgrading easy and efficient.

Motorcycle heated waistcoats:

Heater waist coat control, designed for keeping warm in the winter when using motor cycles. Unit consists of fet controlled switching for controlling the power to the jacket allowing user to select required temperature. Unit is fully encapsulated allowing for the weather conditions likely to be encountered.

Battle Droid Robot:

Garment Grip:


Sound and PIR:

Light Sense: